Saturday, March 28, 2020

Social Stamping, Hello!


I hope you are coping with the current life  changing events in our world, & I hope crafting is keeping you sane...

A group of Stamping Friends have all put together a blog post, for a Social Stamping Blog Hop, 

I have decided I wanted to play with one of the techniques I prepared for my recent technique camps, which used our Pigment Sprinkles (149663)
With this technique, the Sprinkles give both a watercolour effect AND a sprinkle effect to the side, & you achieve this by sprinkling the sprinkles onto the image only, but "spritzing" the image on an angle, so the sprinkles land on the dry side of the card.

I thought I wanted to use a stamp set from the current mini, so I started with Positive Thoughts (151490) but the stamp didn't quite give me the effects I wanted.
You can certainly see the "sprinkles" but I wasn't excited by the watercolour on these flowers.

Next I tried using Honey Bee (151527) with a completely different layout, but again, the flowers weren't really giving me the effect I wanted.

Finally I thought you could have a sneak peak of a new set called Ornate Style, & finally I got the effect I wanted, but the photo doesn't do it justice!

I have use the Granny Apple Green & Gorgeous Grape Pigment sprinkles, & I just LOVE it!

After I had finished, I used some wipes to clean my hands, & my hands looked clean. Then I used some hand sanitizer... Lets just say, I can confirm, I do cover my hands really well with sanitizer, because I suddenly looked like I had pink & purple gloves.

To purchase your own Pigment Sprinkles (149663) you can go to

You can check out the main page for the Social Stamping Blog hop here
but for now, you can check out Rebecca Scurr  blog here 

See you next time



  1. I am in love with Sprinkles, and these cards are just SUPERB <3
    Cheers Shaz

  2. Wow this technique is lovely Odette! I am loving the effect. There is something special about getting all messy with the pigments. I will have to give it a try. Mandy x

  3. Oh wow Odette - the colour precision you've achieved with the sprinkles is superb! Thank you for joining the #socialstamping Kelly x

  4. Hello Odette :) you’ve achieved a beautiful result with all your cards, but I know how you feel when it’s not quite what you wanted and then the joy of success!

  5. Your cards are soooo pretty, couldn't possibly choose a favourite!! Love the technique...

  6. You certainly have inspired me to play more with my sprinkles - I love these projects x

  7. The result you’ve achieved is outstanding-love the vibrancy of the sprinkles.

  8. I think they all look great!! I do love the Ornate Garden flowers. I hope you have managed to clean off your hands, lol.

  9. WOW, these are all AMAZING!! I way too terrified to try the sprinkles but now I'm inspired........ What a wonderful class to teach, and your cards are glorious. Love the Bee one, Love the Ornate Garden one and I love all the different 'hello's

  10. Great cards. I’ve had the Pigment Sprinkles sitting here unopened as I’m too worried about the mess. I hope you managed to get the purple and pink off your hands!

  11. Love these!!! Haven't had a chance yet to play with the Ornate set. Now I cannot wait!

  12. my gosh Odette .. amazing cards. Love our Sprinkles and really should use them more!

  13. I love your use of the pigment sprinkles, I don't have them but maybe I do need them after seeing your cards x

  14. All 3 cards are fabulous! I just love playing the sprinkles! Thanks for sharing all your projects and techniques, very inspiring!

  15. These look great, love the effect of the sprinkles!